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During the past 25-30 years the fishing village of Carvoeiro has changed into one of the most important tourist areas in the Algarve.

From 1985 onwards, the Borough of Carvoeiro therefore became one of the five boroughs within the Lagoa Municipality, part of the Faro District, and it borders on the Estômbar and Lagoa boroughs to the west, north and east, with the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Carvoeiro coastline and its excellent cliffside beaches with scenic landscapes triggered a tourist influx, especially from the U.K., at the beginning, during the sixties. After that, visitors of other nationalities such as Germans discovered the attractions of the area.

The centre of Carvoeiro isn't very big and there are just two roads leading down into the town where they meet in a small square behind the beach. There is no parking in the square since it was given a re-vamp in 2009 so be prepared to find parking up one of the side streets away from the centre. The cliff tops around Carvoeiro offer plenty of scope for walking and some great views.

There are plenty of shops in the town for your everyday needs and because they are used to catering for British visitors.

Carvoeiro Town..

Carvoeiro is very popular for family holidays as there is such a large choice of self-catering accommodation and has all the things you are likely to want in quite a compact area around the town centre. A lot of the accommodation is in new residential areas on the outskirts as the developments have spread. One thing you won't be short of in Carvoeiro is somewhere to eat and drink! There is a huge selection of bars, restaurants and cafés all within easy walking distance of the centre and with a wide choice of food. At a guess most visitors give up on the idea of self-catering when they see what's on offer!

Carvoeiro Beaches

For anyone who simply likes to go to the beach to relax, Carvoeiro has beautiful coves and beaches - The perfect finish to a day well-spent.

Carvoeiro Golf........

The many golf courses of the Algarve are among the best of the world. This region, in the south of Europe is widely regarded as one of the best golf holiday destination and is known as a true golf paradise. In addition to the high number of premier golf courses within such a small radius, there are three popular golf courses to choose from near Carvoeiro: Vale da Pinta, Gramacho,and Silves


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